Why software engineer is the best job?

Software engineering is one of the most lucrative fields in today’s world. Though demanding at times, it is still one of the professions that offer maximum fulfillment. In case you are wondering why a software engineer is the best job, I am here to help. Join me therefore as we discuss more in this article.

Software engineering has a number of perks that makes it stand out. Here are some:

1. Remunerations

It is not a secret that software engineers are among the most paid professionals. These people earn hundreds of thousands of dollars, bringing their net average to an all-time high. You are probably going to spot a Software engineer driving the latest automobile or living in some of the executive suites.

Software engineering is a demanding profession. It requires countless hours on the computer screen, coding and developing software. With all this work, it is only right that one earns a six-figure salary. Also, the average pay for software engineers keeps on rising. Technology has taken up all spheres in life, and different corporations and companies need all kinds of software to support their undertakings.

With software engineering, you can choose to work almost anywhere in the world. You will have access to some of the most lucrative companies and places.

2. Demand

Everything in our today’s world is pegged on technology. There are several start-ups in need of different types of software to push their brand. Software engineering is, therefore, a highly demanding job. You must have realized that the chances of finding an experienced unemployed software engineer are pretty low.

Once you are an experienced software engineer, you are always assured of a spot, even if you won’t be working for a top-notch company such as Amazon or Google. The high demand also means that software engineers are not hard hit when they lose their job in their employing companies. Several companies are looking for and willing to take you up.

3. Several alternative employment options

As a software engineer, you don’t have to be absorbed in a company and work on a monthly salary. No. This profession offers you the liberty to define your course. You can choose to be a freelancer and work for different reputable companies earning huge incomes. Being a freelancer as a software engineer has its perks. You can choose when to work and who to work for. Your salary will also not be predetermined, and you will have time to also work on your projects.

You can also open your firm and create jobs for several others. If you are not into employment, software engineering offers different avenues.

4. Learning

Away from the remunerations and employment options, this profession involves a lot of learning. As the world keeps on progressing, we see all types of new problems that need solutions. A software engineer is, therefore, exposed to new challenges every day in their line of work. Software engineering involves complex problems, and the ultimate quest is to find a solution for them. This field, therefore, offers people a chance to keep on progressing and gaining experience that is resourceful over time.

Learning in your line of work means that you will not be stagnant in the job market. You get to demystify different problems as you widen your experience, which is necessary for a software engineer. Learning is also resourceful for a freelancer. As a freelancer, you have to be better than the rest in employment, which requires a tad load of experience. You can, therefore, approach different companies confidently or switch jobs easily.

You should, however, invest in your mindset since learning new things every day can be pretty frustrating for some. Also, every time you learn a new program, you are learning something new.

5. Can work remotely

With software engineering, one does not have to confine him or herself in the office, working countless hours on end. You can work remotely, even in the comfort of the study room, giving you the perfect life balance. This advantage also gives software engineering an edge over all the other professions since most employers do not allow remote working. Provided that there is a good internet connection, you can work anywhere as a software engineer.

Software engineering, therefore, allows people to take control of their lives. You don’t have to commute to and from the office or get confined to defined working hours and dealing with hard-hearted bosses. Just get a room in your house, make it into an office and install a pretty good internet connection and you are good to go. Once you do not compromise your work for comfort, you will always thrive as a software engineer.

6. Creativity

Software engineering is a really creative field. It involves a lot of programming, which calls for creativity. Remember, when you program, you are creating something new. You are therefore going to experiment with different technologies as a software engineer, determining which one is right and which one is not. All said, software engineering never gets boring, especially if you are passionate about it.

7. The Social aspect

At the mention of software engineering, you are probably visioning many hours behind the computer screen typing away on your keyboard furiously in a sad, lonely life, which is not accurate. Coding is a social aspect of software engineering. You see, when coding, engineers use software built by other people who create all the guidelines and manuals on using them. As you code, therefore, you rely on Open Source software as you interact with people on different forums and learn more.

Programming also involves teamwork. I know I mentioned that you do not have to bombard yourself with extended office hours, but if you are working for a company, you are likely going to be paired to a team in your local office while working on your project. You are therefore going to learn and interact more as a software engineer. There are also several conferences for engineers, lunch dates, and luncheons. This field of work is highly social.

There are also sites developed for software engineers to air their projects and get interactions. You are probably not going to get bored as a software engineer.

8. It can also develop into a hobby

Try imagining doing your hobby as a job. Exactly. That is how most of software engineers feel. Coding and programming very often develop into hobbies over time. Programming is fun, and it gets even better if you love to build things. As a software engineer, you are going to earn money doing what you love most, which not only increases your output but also leaves you happy and satisfied. You are therefore going to end up cheerful as a software engineer.

9. Job security

The world is still developing, and several people are always in need of software engineers. What does this mean? Software engineering offers job security. As an engineer in this field, you are sure that your job will still be in high demand now and in the future. Software engineering only gets better with time. Other professions may offer good remunerations for some time, but you are never sure whether the field will still sell in the future. As the world advances, software engineers are scaling heights.

10. More work perks

Software engineering has several perks as compared to other professions. You can choose not to work for only one company. As a freelancer, you can serve as many corporations as possible, getting income from both sides. You can also enter into short contracts. With the job security, this profession offers, you will not be jobless for long, which is more than you can ask for. You do not, therefore, have to confine yourself in one workstation for long.

Also, software engineering prepares you for self-employment. After you have practiced and stayed in employment for quite some time, you can choose to divert and start your line with ease. You do not even have to set up your own company; your wok will sell you to the world. Several economic benefits come with software engineering. A lot of remunerations and compensations are just a few of what you get from being a software engineer.

Software engineering also keeps you updated on all the trends and news in the technology field. Remember, this field involves a lot of learning and solving new challenges, which require different technologies.

Also, programming and building things require a combination of diverse technologies, both new and old. You are therefore going to be on par with new update versions and trends.


Software engineering is a highly rewarding field. We have looked at some of the reasons why it is a good job, and you will agree with me that it is more than just the money. You get to work remotely, which is more than other professions offer. This engineering field also offers job security. Once you become experienced, jobs are guaranteed because of the existing super high demand. In case you were planning to venture into software engineering, and you needed a reason, I hope this article will convince you to.

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