Pros and Cons of Being a Web Developer

There are many different career choices out there to go with. A web developer is a great choice to help you earn a high income and enjoy a lot of diversity and change in the work you do each day. However, there are some drawbacks, as well.


The pros of being a web developer include high pay, versatility in the work you enjoy, and high demand for the job so you can always find something to do. However, the cons include long hours, clients who don’t always understand the work’s scope, and ever-changing technology. 


In this article, we will take some time to look at who a web developer is, the different positions a web developer can hold, and the pros and cons of working as a web developer as your career choice. 

What Is a Web Developer?

First, we need to take a look at who a web developer is. A web developer is a programmer who specializes in developing applications that work in the web browser. They may spend their time developing web pages.


There are many skills this individual will need to have. They need to understand several different technologies, Frameworks and programming languages, including Javascript, Html, CSS, React, Python. Knowing a few other languages would not hurt either and can increase how much value they bring to a company. 


Also, the web developer can spend most of their time doing the back end programming, handling all the stuff behind the scenes of creating a new application or website. This is different from a web designer who would focus more on the things a visitor would see when they come to a website. 

Types of Web Developers

There are several positions available for those who want to work as web developers. This helps provide many opportunities for those who have those skills. Some include:


  • Front-End Developers: These professionals will work on the code necessary for the visible parts of the website. This would look at the website’s design and feel, the part a visitor will see, and the developer would make code to support this.  JavaScript is a requirement for any frontend developer. It’s an important coding language that all tools and browsers online will support. Often, a JavaScript developer will handle the front-end, but they can take on other roles with this language, for example, they can create apps using Javascript + React, or create API’S using nodeJS. 


  • Back-End Developers: These professionals work on all the semantics and other things that the visitor may not see, but are necessary to help the website work well. For example, creating API’s that will be used by the frontend team.


  • Full Stack Developers: These professionals are a jack of all trades. They can work on the front and back end of a website, supporting both sides, and creating unique codes to make sure the website works. 


Benefits of Being a Web Developer

There are many benefits to starting a career as a web developer. Some of these are listed below:


  • Many people want this job. It is high paying and a lot of fun, so it is a popular option with many looking to start a new career. 


  • It pays well. The average web developer makes more than $68,000 a year, and the more experience you have, the higher your income. 


  • There are many opportunities when it comes to working. You can sometimes work on your own and even on a freelance basis. There are also many changes to work in a team with others when needed. 


  • Since the internet is pretty much anywhere, you can also take the job with you. Some web developers work specifically with one company and no one else. But many take the job on the road, freelancing and working when and where they want. 


  • Require creativity and problem-solving skills: Web development is a good career to bring out your creativity and problem-solving skills on each project. You get to build up your ideas, usually from very little, depending on the client’s information. 


  • It is fun and interesting: Even though you may create a website or application each time, every project is different and unique. This can make the job very fun and interesting for those who choose it. 


  • It is a job with good potential: More and more businesses and individuals want to be online and make their presence known. And as technology changes, so do the needs of your clients. This makes web development an excellent choice for not only today but also for the future. 

The Negatives of Being a Web Developer

While there are many things to love about being a web developer as a career, there are also a few negatives to know before you jump right into this choice. Some of the negatives of being a web developer include:

The Game Will Always Change

The field of computer information technology changes all the time. This means that new frameworks and tools are added to the market all the time. This makes it hard for even the best web developers to stay on top and handle their workload. 

Hard Clients to Handle

It is not uncommon for a web developer to deal with clients who want a website created, but who do not know how this is done. They will sometimes expect a front-end developer to do the job of a back-end one, or the other way around, which can run into some issues. In other cases, what the client wants for their website may be impossible sometimes. 

Long Hours

The hours and deadlines can be tough for a web developer sometimes. They may need to take on some overtime to finish a website depending on how easy the client is to work with, and if the client doesn’t like something, they will need to make the changes quickly. This is stressful sometimes as well. 

What Degree Do I Need?

Several options will help you get a career as a web developer. Some of the options include:

A Certificate

This is an option that will target the training the web developer gets, so they have the exact knowledge to do the job. They will provide fundamental knowledge for web development and can teach different coding languages and computer technology topics. 


Some of the programs will only take a few months to complete and are nice to add to your repertoire. Others will last a few years. It will depend on what is taught and how many courses are required to finish. 

A College Degree

For a web developer who wants to take their skills to the next level, it is possible to get either an associate’s or a bachelor’s degree in web development. The associate option is great for aspiring web developers and will last for two years. It is possible to get a job with this or use it as a basis for the bachelor’s. 


The bachelor’s degree takes things a bit further. It allows the individual to get the best jobs because they have full knowledge of the topic and the most experience. 


Becoming a web developer is a great choice for those who like to work with technology and programming languages and want a chance to do something different each day. As with any job, there are some drawbacks to work, but for most who choose this career, it is one of the best to help them succeed. 

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