Are Front-End Developers in Demand?

As the world of the internet changes, so does the demand for different jobs like front-end web development. Are front-end developers in demand? 


Front-end developers are in high demand as of 2020. Many companies need web developers in order to be successful. Front-end developers help create an easy-to-use website for customers and make sure the online platform is compatible with all devices. 


If you are a newly trained front-end developer or someone who is interested in the career, it is good to know if they are in demand. This article will explain what a front-end developer does, if the career is in demand, and will describe how to become a front-end developer. 

What Does a Front-End Developer Do?

Front-end development is in the field of web development, and with that comes a lot of different responsibilities. Those responsibilities involve both designing and programming. 

Design the Front-End of a Website

Front-end developers are in charge of designing the website’s aspect that people interact with, which is the website’s elements that people pull up in their browser and navigate with a mouse and keyboard. When a customer clicks on a website and starts to look through the menu options, the developer has designed how the interface works. 


Designing the front-end of the website includes learning different coding languages and technologies. These include HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and React to name a few. 


Programming languages are a type of formal language that includes a set of instructions. These instructions then lead to a specific output. Programming languages are most often used in computer programming to create algorithms and give instructions to computers.  


Some may get confused by the difference between web designers and front-end developers. While web designers design how the website looks and works with things like colors and graphics, front-end developers design how the website runs and interacts with the user and with different commands. 

Are Constantly Learning New Updates

Since front-end development is a form of computer science, the field will always be changing, much like regular science. So a major part of their job is to always be up to date on new changes so that their work reflects the latest technology. 

Adapt the Design of the Website to Different Platforms 

The third major part of their job is to adapt the website’s design to many different platforms. There are so many ways you can pull up a website using different devices like laptops, desktops, cellphones, tablets, and more in today’s day and age. The front-end developer’s job is to make sure the website looks good and navigates well on the different devices. 


If you want to learn more about how front-end development works and are interested in learning some of the skills yourself, check out JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development.

Why Front-End Developers Are in Demand 

For the past 20 years, internet use and online website use has grown substantially. With that growth, people who know how to run and design websites are needed. That is why front-end developers are in high demand. Let’s take a look at why. 

Startup Companies Are in Need of Front-End Developers

One of the biggest clients of front-end developers is startup companies. This is because startup companies need everything they can to make a good first impression, and websites are the way to do that. 


A lot of online marketing happens in the beginning stages of startup companies since everything nowadays is online, so front-end developers are a must for small companies’ success. 


Just to put the demand into perspective, in 2018, 30.2 million small businesses were operating in the United States, all of which probably had a website. Since a lot of startup companies are also tight on money, there are a lot of opportunities for new front-end developers to get jobs right away. 

Every Business Needs a Front-End Developer for Success

Even though front-end developers are highly in demand for startup companies and small businesses, just about every company needs front-end developers’ skills to be successful. 


As online businesses, marketing, and overall online usage grow, the way companies are represented online is becoming more important. Websites are the first impression that prospective customers see as they check out a business, which is why all companies prioritize front-end development. 


Furthermore, when a customer sees that the company has put effort into making the website easy to navigate and understand, trust is built between the customer and the business. Lastly, front-end developers help build the company’s brand and help convey their brand through the website. 


All effective websites and companies with a strong business strategy have a strong and clear brand, and front-end developers must build that. 

Front-End Developers Will Only Grow in Demand

Much like how science is an ever-growing community of knowledge and expertise, so is computer science. As we continue to learn more about programming language and web design, we will be able to do more things with it. More businesses will go online as more online opportunities grow, so front-end developers will inevitably only grow in demand. 

What Is the Salary of Front-End Developers?

Since the demand for front-end developers is so high, the salary reflects that demand. As of July 2020, front-end developers make an average of $119,224 in the United States. The salary ranges from $106,000 to $130,000 depending on experience, location, certifications, and education. 


To learn more about the salary of front-end developers, check out the video below, which talks about salaries in the United States and in India:


How Do I Become a Front-End Developer?

Now that you know that front-end-developers are in demand, you might be thinking that it would be a great career to get into. Let’s look at how you can become a front-end developer. 

Get a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

If you want to guarantee a good quality job early on in your career, getting a bachelor’s degree in computer science is a great first step. A computer science degree will teach you all of the necessary skills you need to know, including the fundamentals of coding, software engineering, web programming, algorithms, operating systems, and more. It will also give you mentoring and internship opportunities.  

Practice Coding

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Start practicing and learning how to code. Coding is one of the biggest parts of being a front-end developer, so start mastering the practice of coding to ensure a solid job in the future. 

Stay Up to Date With the Latest Computer Science News

A great way to get familiar with the field of computer science and stay up to date with the latest technology is to stay up to date with the latest news. This can be easily done by subscribing to computer science newsletters and magazines. 


Now that most businesses have online platforms, front-developers are in high demand as of 2020. Companies need front-end developers to be successful because, as a developer, you will be building their brand, designing their websites, and making it easy for customers to use and navigate the company’s online platform. 

In order to become a front-end developer, you should obtain a bachelor’s degree in computer science or enroll in a Bootcamp, become fluent in different coding languages and practice coding, and finally, keep up to date on the latest coding news. There are a few good skills to have as a front-end developer, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, JS Frameworks such as React and Vue JS UX and design skills.

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